A Multinational Bank - Maximising FInancial Potential Through SEO

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The Business Challenge

There are over ten million monthly searches in Malaysia for banking products. Although a multinational bank performed well for the high-level brand and industry keywords, a deeper analysis showed they were falling short in business-driven product keywords. The current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) approach was not sufficient to fuel a digital bank’s business growth.

The Strategy

For the first time, we embarked on a proof-of-concept to show that Acquisition-Focused SEO Strategy could drive real business results. A digital customer journey was built for each product, where high-demand topics were identified to attract customers. This meant a strategy with a focus on articles, rather than keywords.

The Implementation

GrowthOps created a financial advice Content Hub with the unifying purpose to MAXIMIZE YOUR FINANCIAL POTENTIAL.

Articles were developed for each product, for example, a hub on educating readers on the benefits of investing in the client’s products, which investment is right for them, and how to start investing.

This was paired with a tactical SEO strategy to build website authority, and increase visibility and ranking growth to drive traffic from Google Search towards selected product pages through content optimization, technical SEO, and keywords.

Based on the four key products, 36 selected keywords were identified that had a direct impact on customer acquisitions and revenue. We also took into account factors like the presence of relevant content, search volume (customer demand), competitor rank, Google Trends data, and the customer journey funnel bucket.

To increase our Domain Authority, our approach was to acquire few but strong backlinks focusing on credible finance writers such as moneyminiblog.com, bleu-finance.com, and budgetsandfinancialreports.com. A total of 12 links were acquired from sites that had an average DA score of 47.

The keyword, content, and backlink strategies were supported by our technical SEO implementation. We optimized selected core pages to ensure the metadata, content, and images were enhanced for users in the bottom purchasing funnel stage (conversion). We then optimized the articles and FAQ sections for the upper purchasing funnel users (preference). We also fixed/implemented canonical tags and Hreflang tags to ensure that Google understood each ccTLD (country code top-level domain).

Growth Results

The three-month Acquisition-led SEO Proof-of-concept proved to be a success. The bank’s personal and business content hub effectively captured growing demand and funneled customers through to online sales.

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