Anchor is a subsidiary of Fonterra, which produces approximately 30% of the world’s dairy exports. Fonterra’s annual revenue of over NZ$17.2 billion makes it New Zealand’s largest company. Anchor butter and cheese products have been sold in Malaysia for decades.

Key Disciplines

  • Campaign strategy
  • Content creation: social, website and other campaign collaterals


  • 882,802 total views garnered in the first week of the campaign
  • Over 4,000,000 views to date
  • Gold APPIES for Female Audience


Anchor had previously only focused its marketing efforts on food industry professionals. In this campaign, we were tasked to promote their butter and cheese products to consumers using only social media.

An additional challenge we faced was that butter and cheese are not core ingredients in local Malaysian recipes. We needed to convince local home cooks (predominantly mums) to incorporate them into their everyday cooking.


We know mums like to search for recipes on YouTube and Facebook, so we focused our efforts on creating content for those channels. Said content was inspired by a growing trend we tracked in new recipe videos shared by Malaysians: enhancing local dishes with cheese.

We grabbed the chance to own this delicious fusion by branding it “Anchor Twist” and introducing our own video recipes for incorporating a cheesy twist into local dishes.

In a further twist, we presented these recipes in the form of music videos, with step-by-step instructional lyrics written in a fusion of English and colloquial Malaysian expressions.

Finally, we got KOL Takahara Suiko to star in these videos, bringing our idea to life with her lively performances.


Our content had great reach: close to 900K views within the first week alone, and this number has rocketed past 4 million views to date.

It was engaging, too. Our 35-second launch video had an average view duration of 32 seconds. And our 10-second recipe video on Facebook got 16,314 reactions.

Best of all, 100% of the viewers are ladies in our target age group of 25-44 years old – and they are eager to start giving their homecooked meals an Anchor Twist!