Maxis Plantable Ang Pows 2017


Maxis is Malaysia’s leading telecommunications service provider. The brand is driven by its purpose of mainstreaming what’s next – and thus enabling individuals, families and businesses to do more in an always-on world.

Key Capabilities

  • Campaign strategy
  • Content creation: social and website
  • Brand experience


  • Over 3 million reached on social media
  • Over 700,000 views of the campaign web film
  • 25,879 organic shares
  • 27% increase in Maxis retail footfall compared to the previous year
  • Markies 2018 Gold Award – Best Idea for Retail/Shopper Category
  • Malaysian EFFIE Awards Bronze Award – Best Media Idea


Chinese New Year is a noisy time for Malaysian advertising as brands clamour for attention to take advantage of this seasonal spike in consumer spending. We had to help Maxis craft a seasonal message that would stand out amid the noise to get attention online and drive footfall to their retail outlets.


Our idea is based on the red packets traditionally given on Chinese New Year as a blessing and a wish for a good year ahead. But in modern times, the main focus around red packets have been around the money inside them – rather than the priceless good wishes they bear.

To remind people of the traditional meaning behind red packets, we created a new version on which the giver can write custom wishes for the recipient. Each packet is made of eco-friendly paper embedded with seeds. If planted and nurtured, it would grow into a plant – symbolising the wish blossoming into reality, and serving as an enduring reminder of the well-wishes long after the money inside had been spent.

Produced as a gift-with-purchase from Maxis, these plantable red packets would help drive seasonal sales for the brand.

To promote it, we produced a heart-warming story of a cheeky, money-minded boy and his doting grandmother – and how he eventually learned that the most important things in life are those money can’t buy.


The Maxis plantable red packets became a seasonal must-have that Chinese New Year – widely hyped by both traditional news and social media, as well as bloggers and influencers. In total, it generated earned media worth RM252,735.

Our festive film was also highly popular online. Despite Facebook limiting organic reach to 1-2%, it garnered over 3 million views and more than 25K shares organically. That’s equivalent to RM1,506,568 in media value.

Crucially, the red packets were highly appealing to Maxis customers and helped to grow the brand’s year-on-year store footfall and sales by 27%.