Grab Malaysia

Grab Malaysia

Key Capabilities


  • Campaign Ideation.
  • Content Creation.
  • Talent Management.


Grab is widely recognised for its myriad of services across Malaysia and South East Asia. Their verticals range from e-hailing to delivery of food/groceries/other essentials to their own e-wallet.



Instagram AR Filter – “Guess This Dish”

  1. 1,900,000 organic impressions.
  2. 154,000 organic captures.
  3. 4,000 organic shares.


The restaurant industry is one of the ones most impacted by the pandemic lockdown. Greatly reduced sales affected not just SMEs but also the larger players.

This revenue drain was exacerbated by their on-going overhead costs such as staff wages, plus rent and upkeep of their premises. Grab took on the task of supporting GrabFood partners during the lockdown period by influencing sales growth and repeat purchases on the GrabFood app.


Most people have similar lockdown experiences: working hours bleeding into personal time; distractions and added stress from needing to meet the demands of kids and other family members; their previously comforting home environment slowly turning into a suffocating and claustrophobic space they cannot leave.

It’s obvious that everyone (from our own colleagues to celebrities and influencers alike) needed a getaway to take a break from it all.

But with travel restrictions still in place, we helped Grab offer them the next best thing by bringing to life the campaign: GrabFood Passport.

It encourages consumers to order a variety of cuisines from around the world on GrabFood so they can ‘taste the world’. Though they could not physically travel, this lets them enjoy a key activity most Malaysians look forward to when abroad: tasting local delicacies at their favourite destinations.

To generate awareness and participation, we developed an Instagram AR filter – then engaged influencers to use it. As an added incentive, consumers who used our filter could join a ‘Guess This Dish’ mini contest hosted by multiple KOLs to win a GrabFood voucher worth RM15.

In addition, we also reached out to other influencers to create trending TikTok videos, each one promoting a different cuisine. To mirror all of the communication shared by these influencers, we created supporting/hygiene social content as well.


Results (as detailed above) was the highest Grab has recorded for an AR Filter.

Azfar Heri’s IG Stories obtained excellent CPV (under RM0.10).

Afiq Hakim’s TikTok video performed even better with a CPV of RM0.01 and an engagement rate of more than 12%.

All 5 of our TikTok videos garnered positive sentiments from their audience. Some notable feedback is highlighted below:

  • Many users called out the great quality of the videos despite recognising that they were ads.
  • A few users mentioned the videos made them hungry.
  • Some users also complimented our song choices.