Digital Transformation

Digital Ecosystem Refresh for U Mobile 

Enhancing CX with
Hyper-Personalisation and Automating Operations for Scale

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Digital Transformation

Digital Ecosystem Refresh for U Mobile

Enhancing CX with Hyper-Personalisation and Automating Operations for Scale

GrowthOps x U Mobile

The Business Challenge
Occasionally, businesses can experience growth spurts and continue to grow a little too quickly.

Over the last few years, U Mobile’s rapid expansion generated more business opportunities and provided users with greater control over their mobile service.

But their current digital ecosystem couldn’t keep up with the new demands. Thus, multiple digital assets and an online store (using various systems and operating in various silos) were quickly deployed to meet these demands. This move created a new set of problems. Systems did not interface fluidly, weren’t future-proof but crucially, users were often left confused and frustrated.

U Mobile needed a total digital ecosystem refresh. One that reflects the brand’s purpose of Unlimiting Every Potential for each, and every customer. It also need to be optimised for effective operation while driving business results.

During the pandemic, this concept solidified into resolve. While Malaysians were confined at home, U Mobile wanted to “unlimit” them by providing an escape through data – this offering would create massive opportunities for Malaysians to begin rebuilding their lives.


To realise their concept and begin unlimiting their customers, U Mobile needed to know the who, what, why, how and needs of their prospects and customers.

Enter big data analytics. U Mobile first needed a robust platform to gather marketing insights across touchpoints, provide value propositions and business transition metrics – facilitating significant access to the psyche of existing customers and their usage patterns in real-time – allowing for hyper-personalisation using dynamic marketing programmes that are time and usage based.

With this crucial piece in place, planning and deployment of an extensive digital transformation program began. The CXP Adobe Experience Manager was selected for its scalability, agility and ability to enable support growth plans for 5G, Fixed Broadband, Digital Commerce, and partnerships. It will also enable U Mobile to consolidate their digital assets and keep them abreast by:

  • Quickly publishing and updating new content
  • Removing irrelevant content
  • Laying the foundation for increased personalisation


Equipped with these hyper-personalisation capabilities, U Mobile can now view customers as individuals, and tailor their solutions across their respective channel affinities. They can also:

  • Build a comprehensive and holistic CX delivery platform to manage their digital content without IT support by using a robust, centralised system to build positive customer experiences for every interaction, on every channel
  • Create consistent customer experiences across all channels (for primary and subsidiary businesses) and on all devices
  • Personalise content, offers & rewards to prospects and customers
  • Develop growth playbooks by using analytics on customer experience and customer journey enhancements


The newly refreshed U.COM.MY now gathers actionable insights that drive data-led decisions in the development of customer-centric digital experiences.

The partnership between U Mobile & GrowthOps was formed to identify the best tech solutions and execute a plan that unified the management of the customer experience journey across U Mobile’s various offline and online channels. Existing user journeys were assessed for prospects and customers alike, to design purpose-built, effective fresh experiences that would stand out in the telco industry.

This shift to building a CRM system and customer database system allowed U Mobile to maximise customer retention whilst simultaneously enhancing U Mobile’s fundamentals by delivering value to customers through simplicity, affordability and authenticity, future-proofing the business for its next phase of growth.

In a massively saturated and mature category, U Mobile was still able to grow 110 basis points from 2020. Likewise, revenue grew 8% from 2020 to 2021, with profitability improving by 160 basis points over 2020.

Growth Results

U Mobile Case Study Growth Result 1

Search functionalities have reduced customer complaints by 5% MOM

U Mobile Case Study Growth Result 3

Mobile Number Portability conversion increased by an average of 52%

U Mobile Case Study Growth Result 2 (1)

Bounce rate reduced by approximately 10%

U Mobile Case Study Growth Result 4

Page views increased by 41.77% from December 2021 to April 2022

U Mobile Case Study Growth Result 5

Shorter turnaround time for content development with less dependency on agencies. Campaigns launches was cut from 7 days to 2 days ~ 71% improvement while Page launches was cut from 2 days to 2 hours ~ 96% improvement

U Mobile Case Study Growth Result 6

From a cost-saving perspective, UMobile was able to save around RM 400k on resource costs or 200 man days