A Leading Pan Asia Insurer

Key Capabilities

  • Discovery / Current state analysis 
  • Solutions recommendation and Project Strategy 
  • Project Planning and Change Management
  • Information Architecture Revamp
  • User roles and access analysis
  • Product backlogs and requirements documentation
  • IA / UX / UI and Functional Redesign
  • Cloud Environments Setup Advisory
  • Application Development and QA
  • User Training and Functional Specifications
  • IT Security Review and Penetration Test Support
  • UAT and System Performance Test Support
  • Production Go Live Management


The client offers life and medical insurance, general insurance, employee benefits, and financial planning in Asia, aims to become a leading pan-Asian insurer that changes the way people feel about insurance, focus on creating fresh customer experiences, with easy-to-understand and relevant products, supported by digital technology.

Key Stats

  • New UI/UX design improved user experience on the Portal. 
  • CMS tool speed up the content update process, business user can update and publish the new content without IT involvement.
  • Better control and easier retrieval on the Documents management system.
  • New Portal is more stable after migrating to cloud environment.


The client aims to revamp and modernize the legacy Agency Portal which serves Agency, Strategic Partners (including brokers and bancassurance) and General Insurance.

The information structure on the legacy portal was very complicated and involved many departments but also external users. Old fashion UI design and Scattered information without proper structure, increase difficulty for new user searching the contents and files on the website. Business users have to rely on IT support to support them the content update on the web page, and the process turnaround could be over a week. Due to limitation of old hardware & software and high volume of user access, user experienced poor performance on the website, and it had been down for 4 days.


We arranged workshops with the client to understand the business and current state study of the client’s legacy Portal, conduct gap analysis and recommendation of future portal, potential technical solutions with estimated project timeline and cost..

Since the client was looking for new tech stacks but many of them were not available in the Client IT environment, we provided recommendation of the System and Network infrastructure including Cloud Services, to support the client’s IT on the environment setup and security review. 

We arranged detail design of information architecture, UI/UX and developed quick win release with core features requirements in 4 months, project team adopted Agile approach continuing improve the portal with more functions and pages.


We provided clean and modern design for the new Portal, improved the UX / UI with user-centric design, assisted the client to revamp the information architecture which enhanced the navigating experience, we also successfully replaced the legacy SharePoint Portal with more user-friendly Document Management System. Operational Team were very happy with the streamlined content management tool as the major processes were no longer required IT involvement.

The new portal is running on Azure Cloud instead of on-premise which improved the reliability and scalability. The client could further reuse those approved new tech stacks for other project needs.

The client is planning to leverage the new Portal as the Central distribution platform, creating more API integrations with their internal system for better support their agents, brokers and other strategy partners. Such as, lead management, application submission, agency team management, performance review, trainings, recruitment, management dashboard, etc.